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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Listed below are answers to questions that we are frequently asked by our current and prospective clients.
If your question is not listed below, feel free to contact us anytime.
Q: If this system is so good then why do sportsbook allow you to keep doing this?
A: The answer is pretty simple. No matter what I tell the people that subscribe to this program, there are some people who will gamble on games outside of the system no matter what. It takes discipline for a sports investor to stay out of the sportsbook's poker rooms, black jack tables, and from betting on other games. The sportsbook's make a lot of money back from undisciplined bettors of this system who choose to gamble their winnings away.
Q: How can I bet more than one game a day using this system? Will you just send me one pick on Saturday and Sunday or more than one?
A: It all depends. On many college football Saturday's we will send one 12:00 noon pick and one evening pick. If the noon picks wins, you simply re-set the system and bet the same amount for the evening pick. If it loses, you will double up for the evening pick. We will do the same method on many NFL Sunday's as well. There will be sometimes when we only bet one pick based on the angles, trends, and our opinions. We will always make sure there is plenty of time to get your pick in before the next game starts!
Q: Which sportsbook do you suggest I use? I don't trust a lot of them.
A: We recommend signing up with Bet Online
They have a 100% rate of paying their customers and are known for excellent customer service. Our team and investors have been using this sportsbook for years without ANY problems. Their lines come up early, so you'll be able to make your selection the minute we e-mail it to you everyday.

We highly recommend Bet Online sportsbook both because of payout history, bonus offers for new customers, customer service, and early lines.

Bet Online offers up to a $900 deposit bonus if you click this link
Q: Do you guys bet and follow your own system everyday?
A: Absolutely
Q: Why is your membership fee only $1 the first week? How much is it after the first week?
A: We understand that naturally people are skeptical. We allow for all new users to give us a try by only paying $1 their first week to get an understanding on how we work and how the system works for them. Don't like the system? Cancel and you will never pay another dime. If you like the system, then it's only $79.99 a month after your first week!
Q: Why can't I just use the way you guys bet and make my own picks? I'm pretty good at picking games and I don't think I'd lose 4 in a row.
A: We are a group of professional bettors who look at statistics, trends, and many angles before making a bet. We actually have a checklist of 9 factors we go through before making a bet. This is the only reason why we have never lost 4 in a row. An average bettor can very easily lose 4 straight games in a row. We highly suggest using our service to make your selections.
Q: Do you suggest I constantly bank the winnings from the system or re-invest them so that I can make more and more money?
A: It's really up to you. If you can afford to lose your bankroll if it were to happen, then keep re-investing. If making consistent money is important to you, then keep banking the winnings until you are comfortable.
Q: What sports will we be wagering on?
A: College and NFL football. We wager on basketball when the football season is over. It's up to you if you want to stay with the system after the football season. We are year-round bettors who are pro pickers in practically every American sport.
Q: When and how do I receive the picks?
A: After you confirm your subscription you will be asked for your e-mail to receive the picks. We send them out either the night before or the morning of. We have to make sure all factors and angles are in line before sending out the picks, that's the only reason why we'd wait for the morning to send them out.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to direct them to admin@footballcrusher.com
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