3 Ways To Get Good NFL Football Picks

With the NFL season about to heat up the sports bars across the nation, millions of fans are taking out their jerseys and are ready to get crazy with their friends and favorite teams. Alongside the mega fans that are painting themselves each Sunday, there are the smart fans, looking to cash in on the games just like the players are with their contracts. The average fan can get in on it too; it’s a matter of looking at several key points, and picking the outcomes of the games before they happen. NFL football picks can be arduous to get, especially when every fan has an opinion, but if you look in the following 3 places you’ll find out more information than you can handle, and hopefully come out on top with some major money. Forget the odds, look towards the following to get you into the red zone.

Fantasy Football – This might seem like a corny way to get your money, but remember, most sports are mental not physical. The biggest guy on the field can’t tackle the fastest, smallest guy on the field 100% of the time; it’s just not going to happen. Play fantasy football and read the analysis each week. You’ll find hidden pockets of information in regards to what team might have an edge on Sunday, and which one you want to put money down on Monday.

Sports Networks – Bounce around the channels these days and you’ll see a variety of different sports networks all touting the information that you need to get an insider’s edge. Check them all out, but do not rely on them 100% of the time, simply wean the information you need, make a comparison chart and you’ll have better knowledge than the next guy.

Newsletters – Subscribe to the team’s newsletters and then read through the fine print. You’ll see very subtle writing at times in regards to who’s hurt, and who’s going to play on Sunday. Watch out for the bait and switch, where one player is down but will be in full force on the weekend. You can use this to your advantage, because the next guy isn’t banking on the information that you know. Often times late breaking newsletters will come in right before the bet deadline, and that’s when you can make a lot of money on your information.

The above 3 places to get good NFL picks will keep you winning throughout season. Make sure that you understand that the above is not 100% guaranteed to get you victory, there’s still the analysis that you have to do in your head before making the final bet. However, the picks will definitely reveal themselves easier with the above.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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3 Ways To Find The Best Football System

The football season is just about upon us and people from all walks of life are gearing up for another journey to the superbowl. For some it’s just a pastime filled with ups and downs and for others, it’s a way to make serious money. If you’re on the sidelines looking to make serious dough with picking winners and losers, then you’ll most likely want to invest in the best football system possible. When you look to see which is the best option, you’ll find that there are a lot to choose from. It’s hard to choose amongst a flooded marketplace, but there are some tips that will help you choose the right one. The following 3 ways to find the best choice will keep you in the clear.

First and foremost look for something that isn’t priced too outside of the realm of possibilities. You will find many people want to charge upwards of $100 to $300 for their system, which is nothing more than a collaboration of other systems into one document or video. Do not go for any program that is just too overpriced for their own good. Remember, you want to win big, not spend a lot of money on an inflated system that will not make you anything. When you encounter options like that, remember that the only person making money is the person trying to sell you an overprized booklet.

Look for online buzz on about any system or program that you’re looking at. You’ll find that the best options are being talked about in forums, magazines, online blogs and so much more. In fact, you’ll run into so many reviews that you’ll practically set up a system based on all the feedback that it’s getting online. This method can be a bit tricky because some programs pay for positive reviews, so make sure that you can recognize what is marketing speech and what is natural review process. There’s a big difference, knowing the two will keep you moving forward.

The last thing to do to find the best football system is to ask friends and family. Chances are you’re not alone in your passion for the game, and others are most likely trying to make a little extra money in these hard times. Take a chance and ask around to see if anyone you know already has a system, and you can see whether or not it’s working for them. If it is, jump in, if not, then take what you see and apply it to the purchase decision you have for another method.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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3 Tips to Help You Get the Best College Football Picks

Every sports handicapper is looking for an edge, and the obsession with making the right choice before game time can be daunting to say the least. If you’re one of the millions of people that have been trying to get closer to the big money and quit your 9 to 5, then consider the following 3 tips that will help you get the best college football picks no matter what. Before we jump in, remember that by treating the sports as more than a fan, you will have to let go of your favoritism. If you love a team so much that it pains you to bet against them, then you’re not ready to make serious money. You have to separate yourself from the fan that wants to cheer on the team over making money.

The first major tip that you need to consider is the match ups. Not just the players, but also the coaches. If you can size up the coaches and you know their backstories, you will be able to pick up the underdogs and upsets before any analyst can. For instance, former offensive coordinators turned head coaches that go to rival or different schools to coach will always have an edge against their former teams. This was highlighted most recently when the University of Washington defeated perennial favorite USC by 3 points, due in large part to a savvy new head coach for the Huskies that used to coach for USC. It’s insider information like knowing where the coach was the year before that will allow you to make serious money when others simply follow the mainstream analysis.

The second tip to consider is to always look at the odds with skepticism. There’s no true underdog that is going to lose 100 to 1 or even 10 to 1. Look for major underdogs to come out on top more often than not when it comes to the college football games. Unless a team is just outmatched in every place, you’re going to find a major upset brewing. If you get a team from the Big East playing a team from the WAC, for instance, you can always be assured that the WAC team will struggle, but be careful, upsets are not so rare in the collegiate levels. Look carefully at the favored team and make sure that they are not too confident moving forward. Confidence can be a killer as has been seen in many games where perennial underdog Boise State stomped out teams that were ranked higher than they were.

The third tip is going to catch some off guard, but it’s crucial. Look at teams that have senior quarterbacks as teams to bet on as sure things. This is a tricky one, but if can pay off big. Younger quarterbacks will make mistakes in crucial spots, but veteran players that skip the NFL are most likely to not only get the Heisman Trophy nod but also make serious moves towards a national championship. If they are in their last year of eligibility, look out for major money to be made with their big time wins.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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3 Ideas For Making Solid Football Picks Each Time

When it comes to picking out who is going to win during the football season, some fans find it daunting to come to a consensus. The average sports handicapper will have their favorites but will not win nearly as many times as they lose, which is why it’s hard to find perennial winners in the sports gambling world. That’s not to say that it is not possible, in fact, it means that in order to get the best football picks each week, you have to do a little more than just look at the odds and make a wager. There is a technique to getting the most out of placing wagers, and it all begins with understanding that the odds are just numbers and hold no major weight. Once you have that in mind, you’re ready to rise up and get paid handsomely.

First and foremost, take notes on teams during the week, and do not place your bet until the last possible moments each week. This will give you ample time to strategize and understand what is going on with every team that you plan on putting money on. Taking notes sounds like something you do in school, and some might be against it, but when it’s time to place a bet with no notes you’re going to have to trust your memory to remember what player is hurt, who the starters are, and which one is favored over others. Take notes, and improve your win ratio immediately.

The second thing you need to do is look for podcasts on the subject of fantasy football. This is going to be crucial because you will be able to receive free information without spending a lot of time listening to sports radio or watching the networks for tips. Aside from football gamblers, only those that are continually playing fantasy football stay on top of things with great fervor. If you want a shot at the big money, pay attention to what the fantasy football nerds are talking about and make your picks accordingly.

The last thing to do is to look at official team websites and newsletters. You want to know what kind of game plan is going to be implemented based on what coaches, players and analysts are saying. Look out for keywords when they speak, and do not bet on a team that is not readily prepared for the challenge ahead. You’ll find some teams will just say, “you have to wait and see” or “we are in a rebuilding phase”, because that usually means the team is not at 100%. If you pay attention you’ll pick up on clues and hints from the source, but you have to be willing to pay attention, and do so more emphatically than the average fan.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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3 College Football Betting Mistakes Never to Make

The millions of fans that have been patiently waiting the start of the big college sports season are reaching a fever pitch. There are so many fans of college football that it’s nearly impossible to calculate just how many fans are going to be tuning into every single game, Saturdays for the foreseeable future. Among those mega fans are those that are looking to make serious money with college football betting. While most people assume that throwing money down on a game is a matter of luck, those that are insiders know that it’s not luck; it’s skill, talent, and hard work. The work is in the process that leads up to the official binding bet, which usually means that a person has to study rosters, changes, field condition, and special components that could harm or increase the likelihood of a team winning. There are so many factors to consider that the average fan isn’t going to jump on board with just any old bet. That’s why the following is so crucial, because without these you just might end up on the losing end of things. Consider the following 3-college football betting mistakes never to make.

Bet on your Favorites – Favorites are awesome to have, but not when you’re dropping your hard earned money on the line. Do not bet on only your perennial favorites, you will be sorely disappointed and you’ll lose each time. If you’re betting on your favorite and know for a fact they are going to blow out teams, then that’s a different story, but if you like a team that is perennial last place in their conference, it’s better to not take that bet.

Assume Random Chances Create True Victory – There are a lot variables that change the way players perform on the field, but random chance is not going to get you into the big money. You have to analyze what’s going on at a grand scale. If a quarterback is not doing so well academically, they might not have a great game, for instance. You have to keep your eyes open to all possibilities, not leave it up to chance. This is where that aforementioned “homework” comes into play. Without studying the odds, lifestyles, and ongoing with the student athletes, you’ll miss out on key signs.

Trust A Sure Thing – Always be wary of so called “sure things”. One of the key components to college football and most collegiate sports is the term “upset”. Even the top ranked schools can falter in their winning season. Some recent memorable upsets included major losses by Stanford, USC, Cal, Auburn, and many others. Even the best team on the field gets upset by a mere 3 points if not less. It’s not impossible to win on a sure thing, just make sure you’re not banking solely on that term each week.

The above 3 things you should never do will keep you in the green all throughout the season.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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