3 Ideas For Making Solid Football Picks Each Time

When it comes to picking out who is going to win during the football season, some fans find it daunting to come to a consensus. The average sports handicapper will have their favorites but will not win nearly as many times as they lose, which is why it’s hard to find perennial winners in the sports gambling world. That’s not to say that it is not possible, in fact, it means that in order to get the best football picks each week, you have to do a little more than just look at the odds and make a wager. There is a technique to getting the most out of placing wagers, and it all begins with understanding that the odds are just numbers and hold no major weight. Once you have that in mind, you’re ready to rise up and get paid handsomely.

First and foremost, take notes on teams during the week, and do not place your bet until the last possible moments each week. This will give you ample time to strategize and understand what is going on with every team that you plan on putting money on. Taking notes sounds like something you do in school, and some might be against it, but when it’s time to place a bet with no notes you’re going to have to trust your memory to remember what player is hurt, who the starters are, and which one is favored over others. Take notes, and improve your win ratio immediately.

The second thing you need to do is look for podcasts on the subject of fantasy football. This is going to be crucial because you will be able to receive free information without spending a lot of time listening to sports radio or watching the networks for tips. Aside from football gamblers, only those that are continually playing fantasy football stay on top of things with great fervor. If you want a shot at the big money, pay attention to what the fantasy football nerds are talking about and make your picks accordingly.

The last thing to do is to look at official team websites and newsletters. You want to know what kind of game plan is going to be implemented based on what coaches, players and analysts are saying. Look out for keywords when they speak, and do not bet on a team that is not readily prepared for the challenge ahead. You’ll find some teams will just say, “you have to wait and see” or “we are in a rebuilding phase”, because that usually means the team is not at 100%. If you pay attention you’ll pick up on clues and hints from the source, but you have to be willing to pay attention, and do so more emphatically than the average fan.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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