Where To Get The Best NCAA Football Picks

College football is one of the greatest sports to watch as a fan and for some, business. If you are in the business of watching the games and placing wagers on the outcomes, you are most likely starting to gear up for the upcoming season. The perennial favorites are already listed in the top 25 poles and are starting to gain steam in the media. Banking in on NCAA football picks is not easy, it’s a matter of not only looking ahead at the matchups, but learning why certain players will rise to the ranks on a Saturday night and some will flounder. Even the best plans can go awry, and teams that are pre-ranked at #1 before the season start could end up losing big key match ups and that means your money goes down with them. In college, upsets are not rare, which is why a handicapper can’t just be a casual football fan.

If you are new at sports betting or you just don’t know where to find the best options before the games start rolling through, then it’s important to look into a few locations that will promise you the best advice. The first place to find advice is through a newsletter that is sent out by the teams that you’re watching and placing money on. For instance, if you’re going to place some serious money on the Pac-12 you need to look at the team’s newsletter. Inside the information you will receive from the source, you will find gems of information as to what the team is working on in practice, what’s not working, what is highlighting and what to expect from the key match ups that the team will have to face on the weekend. You’ll get updated rosters, key problems, and best of all, injury reports from the source, rather than staying up late for news reporting on cable. If the team doesn’t have an official newsletter, look for a source that does and that only deals with the teams you’re betting on.

After you’ve done your homework online, it’s time to see what’s going on at your local watering hole. Go to a neutral sports bar where there’s a lot of people talking about the teams that are going to play. Finding where the fans of any given sport is as easy as making a few calls, looking online for information, and getting to the right place. This only works if you’re of age, if you’re under 21, then you will have to find another route. However, if you’re 21 years old, check out your local sports bar and listen closely for insider information about the teams you’re watching. You’ll get a good sense of what’s happening since diehard fans will always want to talk about their favorite teams and give insider information, it’s just how fans act.

The last place to look is sports magazines. Look for mainstream magazines, but try to find local and underground items that will allow you to get information that no one else is publishing. The magazine world can be cutthroat and getting an exclusive means the world to them, so look out for that. Find the exclusive interviews, find the information that will give you an edge, and then place your money down right before the deadline and win big.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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Making Better Football Picks Today

The football season is upon us, and if you’re a fan, you’re going nuts already. You are looking at the rosters; you are analyzing the performances that you’ve seen with the preseason games. If you’re someone that is looking towards making money through betting on the games, you are already looking at the beginning of the season and how to make better football picks. If you’re serious about getting to the top, quitting your job, and relying solely on an income with sports handicapping, you have to start learning some quick tips to get yourself moving forward. Remember, without serious thoughts and ideas, you can’t fully make money. Consider the following ideas to help you ascertain the necessary qualities of getting serious money. You will win big, if you focus on the following tips, that’s for sure.

The first major tip might not seem obvious, but if you subscribe to the notion that the NFL is in the business of making money, then you better look closely at what jersey is selling the most right now. There are some major sales going on with jerseys, and they are of players that are getting a lot of media attention. This can have two problems, either the player chokes and you lose, or the player rises to the occasion and creates an increasingly miraculous countdown for sports networks to showcase. For instance, let’s consider Tim Tebow and his run as the Denver Bronco’s quarterback. He wasn’t exactly supposed to get far, but he took a failing team to the playoffs and then knocked out one of the biggest guys in the league on his way to selling more jerseys than any other player. Imagine if you took the aforementioned tip, and you bet on the miracle worker in Denver, you’d have a stockpile of money because no one put money against Big Ben in that playoff game did they? Think about it.

Sales don’t always make for the best football picks, but it’s something that a smart gambler will look at. It’s when you stop looking at all the factions of the “business” of football that you start your losing streaks. If you’re going to make better choices, you have to go a step forward and look at variables that others are just ignoring. Even if you have been using a fool proof system in the past, consider adding more to the notes you have. Watch closely as the shifts in media attention sway the games outcomes and bet wisely, especially on games where the odds just don’t add up.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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How to Pick A Good Football System

Football season once again is getting people pumped. If you’re jumping for joy that your Sundays are now packed with the gridiron, and are ready to make some serious money, it’s time to look into a quality football system to help you make the right picks. When looking at making money with the game, you will have to consider several things, especially since there are so many variables to consider. Anything can change things up for a team, from the quarterback having the flu, to turf toe waiting to manifest on a lineman, you never know what will happen if you are a casual fan. So make sure you’re swimming in information about everything football related, even personal relationships, because it’s those little details that will help propel you in the long term.

With the aforementioned in mind, consider that a good system can separate you from many others that are looking to make money on the games as well. When looking for a quality system, look online for reviews. That’s right, go and search for what anyone is talking about the product you’ll purchase. If no one is talking about it, and yet it has been around a long time, be careful. However, if the option is new, then it might just be a matter of time before someone starts singing the praises of the option. Keep in mind that people that make serious money doing anything, are quick to talk about it, no matter how much or how little a person makes.

Compare and contrast many different authors, prices and more. You most likely comparison shop for what you purchase on a regular basis, so why not do it for your perfect strategy? Remember, you’re making a serious investment here, because once you have the information in your hands, you will be either changing your course or failing again. Only you can truly know whether or not a system is calling to you or appealing to you, but take your time moving forward, compare, contrast, and be patient in your decision making.

Look at forums and find people that are betting on a regular basis. Much like reviews, you will find that some will reveal their football system to you. Making friends in forums is not difficult, it’s a matter of being honest, humble, and watching out for the information you need to succeed. Balancing multiple forums can be difficult, so make sure that you take your time choosing which forum you’re going to fully enter, otherwise you’ll end up flooded with threads and so much more.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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Getting Up on the NFL Spread Every Week

People are surprised that when they decide to participate in sports betting that there is a lot of math involved. In order to win big you have to not only understand the odds and stats that are being pushed by all sports analysis, but you also have to pay close attention to the NFL spread every single week. If you don’t understand how the spread works, you will either fail miserably across the bets you make, or you will come out as a serious contender to becoming a millionaire with sports betting. The difference between a professional gambler and one that is just making a one off bet is that the professional understands the math involved and can do it swiftly before putting their money down.

It’s hard to write a sure fire formula that will get you the millions of dollars within one article, but understanding the spread on a larger scale is as easy as defining what it is and how it can work for you in regards to spreading out your money over several teams rather than just putting money on just one outcome. The betting of this nature allows a user to get paid based on how many points a team wins by or the inverse loses by.

The easiest way to understand this is to consider the most common bets made by bookmakers in North America and the UK. The bet is as simple as wagering on the over or under numbers between several teams and scores. A simple bet of whether or not a team will be able to win by 10 or more becomes the standard for many, while others pick the under, meaning that the score will be under that amount. The difference between two sets of scores or even more, becomes a spreadable wager that doesn’t require a person to pinpoint accurate finalizations for games, making it somewhat easier to cash in large amounts of money on several games rather than just one or two.

Big time upsets and blow outs really effect the way NFL spreads work, and can throw a wrench into a novice handicapper which is why it’s very important to make sure you fully understand how odds work and how different players perform at different stadiums and against certain defenses. Cutting to the point, it’s imperative that you understand the game of football on a very cerebral and mathematical level or invest in a football system in order to make serious money with the spread each week, otherwise you’ll be lost in a sea of numbers.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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Demystifying College Football Odds

Sports fans don’t always understand the numbers that they are getting fed by the media. It can be difficult to decipher the odds and spread that many people argue about on radio and television, which is why it’s more important than ever to avoid listening only to analysis and start taking action. If you’re one of the millions of fans of college sports and want to make serious money betting, you’ll need to consider some tips that will demystify college football odds and let you make some choices that even the experts will fail to recognize.

First and foremost, make sure that you take the numbers with a grain of salt. Favored teams win often, but they don’t win 100% of the time, and when it comes to college, winning can be a matter of making one solid mistake or a hard hit to the quarterback that leaves him scared through the game. Remember, odds are formulated based on calculations that are not real, making reality and numbers at different sides of the proverbial spectrum. If you want to win, take the numbers and do not dwell on them, don’t forget them, just don’t base your decisions to bet on solely the odds, you will lose in the long term if you do.

The second thing you need to do is make sure you weigh out both sides of the field carefully. Heavily favored teams don’t always have an edge when it comes to home field advantage, as well as overall play when on the road. Look at where the game will be played and the track record that each team has playing at that field. You might see there’s a major difference in the numbers, and that’s where you’ll pounce on the bet. Do not put any money down on a favorite without looking at their track record, you might just find yourself in upset mode.

The final piece to the overall puzzle is the coaching staff. Look carefully at the coaching staff and the way they run offense and defense. Heavily favored teams, even those that are perennial number 1 contenders for the national title under value an opponent, and when the plays are called, buckle under the pressure. Look for coaching staff that is new, is playing a former school, or is good friends with the other team, because it’s that type of insider knowledge that will have you making good picks, and demystifying football odds to mere numbers.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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